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Here are our top tips for getting the most out of study.
  1. Pick a place and time. Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study.
  2. Study every day.
  3. Plan your time.
  4. Discover your learning style.
  5. Review and revise.
  6. Take breaks.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Stay motivated.

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Exam Preparation: Ten Study Tips | Top Universities
You may want to give some exams more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. Organize your study space. Use flow charts and diagrams. Practice on old exams.
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Study Tips: 22 Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace a Test | Greatist
It's time to say bye bye to those procrastination and once more remember how to study.
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21 Study Tips: The Strategies that Set Top Students Apart
Why do some students excel in school?
Here are 21 study tips from research on high achievers to help you get more from your studies and boost your grades.
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12 Study Tips for Back to School | The Princeton Review
Back to school is the time to break same-old homework habits. Get the study tips you need to navigate the school year.
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Studying Tips | Improve Your Studying Skills
Our free studying tips, tricks, shortcuts and techniques can be the difference between academic failure and success.
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8 Tips to Study Better - How to Improve Your Study Habits
What is the point of studying at all if you waste your time and don't learn? Make your study time more productive with
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15 Unconventional Studying Tips from Fastweb
Conventional studying isn't for everyone - utilize these 15 unconventional studying tips when the usual tips aren't making the cut.
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Study TipsHow to Study Smart: 20 Scientific Ways to Learn Faster
1. Learn the same information in a variety of ways.
2. Study multiple subjects each day, rather than focusing on just one or two subjects.
3. Review the information periodically, instead of cramming.
4. Sit at the front of the class.
5. Don’t multitask.
6. Simplify, summarize, and compress the information.
7. Take notes by hand, instead of using your laptop.
8. Write down your worries.
9. Test yourself frequently.
10. Connect what you’re learning with something you already know.
11. Read key information out loud.
12. Take regular study breaks.
13. Reward yourself at the end of each study session.
14. Focus on the process, not the outcome.
15. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
16. Exercise at least three times a week.
17. Sleep at least eight hours a night, and don’t pull all-nighters.
18. Eat blueberries.
19. Eat chicken and eggs.
20. Eat omega-3 fatty acids.
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Lifehacker's Most Popular Studying Tips
1. Study Less, Study Smart
2. The Feynman Technique
3. Video Game Music
4. Flashcard Apps
5. Take Study-Worthy Lecture Notes
6. Study Before Bed
7. Bad Study Habits
8. Retain Information
9. Classical Music Study Playlist
10. Study Tips
11. The Case for Silence
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Studying 101: Study Smarter, Not Harder
Fortunately, there are many active, effective study strategies that are shown to be effective in college classes.
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Studying Tips & Study Skills - Test Taking Tips
Get the best free studying tips and strategies that will help you to perform better on tests and achieve higher grades.
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