5 Luggage and Travel Accessories for Your Next Trip

By The Luggage Collection

"Summertime is coming, so you should probably gear up for your trips ahead! Take some time to think about what luggage and travel accessories you need to take with you. If you are going to travel for a week or more, you need reliable travel gear that can hold all your belongings."

Here are five essential travel items you might want to invest in before you leave your home:

1. A Trolley Spinner


travel accessories


“Nothing says vacation like leaving the airport with a trolley spinner rolling behind you, taking in the fresh air and sun rays of a faraway land. For long-distance travels, you will have to pack several sets of clothes as well as essential items.

That’s where a trolley spinner comes in handy. Think about all what you need to take with you: shorts, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, shoes, socks, sandals… and then there are other items:

• Sunglasses
• Laptop
• Camera
• Portable phone charger
• Sleep mask
• Shampoo
• Etc.

Also called spinner luggage or carry-on spinner, the trolley spinner is popular among travelers due to the large space it offers. Plus, it’s super easy to maneuver thanks to its rotating wheels and retractable handle. You won’t have trouble while moving around in the airport, taking a taxi, or heading to a hotel.

If you are looking for a trolley spinner that’s functional, durable and looks great, have a look at the Bellagio 2.0 21 Inch Spinner Truck and its 30 Inch variant.”


2. A Travel Backpack


a travel backpack


“A backpack is the trusted companion of tourists on vacation, hikers, and globetrotters alike. It’s the ideal luggage to carry items as you explore cities and nature. Pulling and pushing a carry-on spinner everywhere is simply inconceivable; most travelers leave theirs at the hotel and take their backpacks with them during the day. Of course, if your trip will last only a few days, then a backpack might be all you need, but if you are planning for a week of travel, then you probably need a trolley spinner and a backpack.

Backpacks make it easy to move in crowded places and natural locations while keeping your water bottle, laptop, or camera within reach. Just make sure that the weight is equally divided between both sides of your backpack, otherwise you might feel some pain in your back after a while.

If you don’t have a backpack or are looking to upgrade yours, our Little America Backpack comes with a variety of colors and a soft yet durable fabric.”


3. A Toiletry Kit


A Toiletry Kit


“Toiletry kits are essential for any trip. There’s no reason to shove your toiletries in a corner with clothes and electronics. A toiletry kits keeps them stored and organized in once place, so you won’t find yourself rummaging in your trolley spinner or backpack to find them.

The main reason you should have a toiletry kit is that you never know how clean and hygienic the places you’ll go to will be. Besides, you don’t want to waste time looking for these items in nearby shops and spend money to get them.

For a one-week trip, chances are you are going to need these items as part of your travel accessories:

• Deodorant
• Toothpaste and toothbrush
• Dental floss
• Soap
• Makeup
• Shaving kit
• Etc.

To keep your toiletries in a spacious and functional kit, see our Lexicon 2.0 Truss Hanging Toiletry Kit."


4. A Duffel Bag

A Duffel Bag


“Duffel bags are very convenient thanks to the enormous space they offer. They are also easy to carry around as long as you don’t have to cover a long distance on foot. You can either carry a duffel bag either by hand or on your shoulder. Plus, their flexibility allows them to fit into tight storage spaces and overhead compartments.

Popular athletes and businessmen are particularly fond of duffel bags, as they provide enough room for sports gear, and don’t look out-of-place if you’re wearing a suit.

If you doubt your backpack can carry all your belonging, give duffel bags a try. The Tote-a-ton 32.5 Duffel is great for carrying objects on top of clothes and toiletries. For a more professional look, check the Baseline Expandable Cabin Bag.”


5. A Travel Wallet or Money Clip


travel accessories


“Travel wallets are specifically designed to keep your money and cards tightly close to you while taking the least amount of space necessary. A money clip, on the other hand, is used purely to hold cash. A good money clip keeps your cash tidy and concealed from coveting eyes. See the Monte Rosa Padded Money Clip for example.

The thing is, don’t expect to pay for everything with cheques or credit cards during your trip. For instance, many restaurants in foreign countries accept only cash. What’s more, you have to pay fees to use ATM machines, so your best bet is to have both cash and a credit card.

Whether to pick a wallet or a money clip depends on personal preference and how much stuff you will carry with you. Either way, you can use it not only during trips but in in everyday life as well!

So what kind of travel gear suits you most? What other accessories do you think you will need? Check our selection of travel luggage and accessories and make sure you’re fully prepared for your upcoming trip!"


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Written by The Luggage Collection.

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