5 Productivity Tips for Travel Bloggers

By Fad

"Traveling and witnessing the beauty the world has set out to be a blessing, really. From losing your thoughts into the emerald-green ocean to interacting with the locals and joining them in their daily activities, traveling provides a holistic experience like no other. However, work travel is a whole different ball game, since it is easy to get lost in the magic of a city. There is always a way to do more with less time. Let's put your productivity into overdrive and start hustling by the beach (or the mountains). Same job, different views: perfect setting for travel bloggers!"


Productivity Tips for Travel Bloggers


Here are 5 ways for travel bloggers to be a more productive:

Use a Project Management Program

"You should have probably figured out your mental capacity isn't actually very good at storing information (or is it just me). You are walking around with a bunch of to-do lists in your mind and perpetually afraid of missing items out. With programs like Trello, it offloads your brain and you can safely forget them. It's like the Instagram of task management and post-it notes.

Personally, I use it to list down the steps to achieve something and to plan out my schedules.

Trello = Peace"

Work from a Co-Working Space or a Café.

"Basically, travel bloggers can just work anywhere, not just an office or home workspace. There's no real accountability from working from home. Seeing your cozy sofa or bed, and the ever-tempting Netflix on your TV, is the last thing you want to be around with when you are working. Hence, try out co-working.

With the mindset adjustment and energy created from the interaction, it helps to increase productivity. The idea of co-working is that despite working all by yourself, you are surrounded by amazing people. Plus, co-working spaces provide better and cheaper coffee than Starbucks. Personally, I’ve always liked working from co-working spaces like in Canggu or Penang. It’s more than the friends you will make or the out-of-the office environment, it’s about the surrounding energy that naturally oozes out from everyone in the habitat. Collaborations in a new place or city and culture will have your gears grinding and churning up new ideas and solutions. Why work from a cubicle when you can enjoy a milkshake and work by the pool?"

Travel Bloggers Plan Out your Time

"It is easy to get distracted with the things to do in an amazing country and neglect your work. Thus, plan out and breakdown your tasks for the day and the week. Leave out some time to explore the country and some time to work and put your experiences into words. Set firm boundaries between work time and leisure time.

You can try doing 3 days' worth of intensive exploring and solely focus on work the next 2-3 days. To break down even further, use the 45 minute of work and 10 minutes of break system. Get your act together and make things happen! Once you get yourself focus, stay focused.


Use these tools for time management (leaving more time to enjoy new cities):
Google Calendar (the best so far) – Organise all meetings, agendas and due dates.
Trello (mentioned above) – Keeps track of all your tasks.
Focus Booster – Avoid distractions."

Say No to Social Media

Social media


"No no, don't get me wrong. It's not a total wipe-out from Facebook or Instagram but use it in moderation. It's tough as it is very tempting to see what your friends and loved ones around the world are up to. Especially to us travel bloggers, we live by Instagram or snapchat, it’s rooted in our DNA.

However, when you are checking your Twitter every 15 minutes hoping your crush would like your tweet or simply browsing through the timeline (I'm guilty), it will hinder your productivity. Fret not, there are several apps to help you in this struggle like Befocused or Offtime. Let the power digital-age become your loyal servants."

Get Important Things Done First

"With all the points above, I am sure you have a list of things to be done already in mind or in Trello. Highlight the tasks that are most critical and get those done first. For most people including myself, we are the most productive at the beginning of the day. Hence, the rest of your day is freed to complete everything else once you have gotten rid that big chunk of difficulty out of the way. Here are some helpful tips to ensure this is a success:

• Wake up an hour earlier – set your alarm an hour earlier than usual, you will be able to get an extra hour of ‘buffer’ period.
• Get enough sleep – this one is tough yet is a given.
• Have a hearty breakfast or even a milkshake/fruit juice – this will not only make you looking forward to get up early but will also boost your mood and energy for the day.

Routines and habits give shapes to our lives as we cruise through the day. Cultivating the right habits can enhance our productivity especially in the long term. And soon, without you realizing, disorganization and procrastination are banished forever. Godspeed Y'all!"

Written by Fad of Borders to Bother.

Borders to BotherFad is an avid traveler born and raised in the sunny island, Singapore. Being a freelance web designer and having no fixed income, he always believes traveling does not need to be expensive nor cliche. Hence, Fad shares tips and his experience of affordable travel.

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