6 Reasons to Vacation in Delaware

By Nikia Knapp


Why we visited Rehoboth Beach in Delaware

"We never considered Delaware as a place to go, it just never occurred to us. Our Auntie Susan and her husband Bob made the decision to retire and relocate to Delaware leaving Upstate, New York where they had lived their entire lives. Susan and her husband Bob did spend some vacation time in Delaware discovering its many perks with the biggest one being beautiful beaches and serene atmosphere. Suzie is a hippy at heart, human rights activist, animal lover and has a strong devotion for nature and in particular the beach, which is why Delaware appealed to her. We are so happy they were brave enough to follow their hearts. We followed them there to spend some quality time and in the process disinterred a new place we love. For this blog, I will share a brief overview of what attracts us to Delaware and some of the reasons we would consider possibly living in this small Mid-Atlantic U.S. state bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River and Delaware Bay."

Nikia Knapp

1) Diversity

"As a Human Rights Activist, Suzie shared how Rehoboth Beach felt like home from the first visit. Suzie explains that her first visit to Rehoboth Beach was a "spiritual awakening" observing such diversity. She tells that as a Caucasian woman, she loved this beach because not everyone looked like her. Settling on the beach for the first time, to the left of her was an African American father of 3 boys from Washington, D.C and to the right of her 3 Hispanic teenagers and they were all there enjoying the beach together. Suzie goes on to explain that shortly thereafter, she discovered this location to be a peaceful, safe haven for the LGBT community, where people are not being separate or judged by their sexuality or skin color. Apache and I got to enjoy meeting lots of people throughout our visit and observed the persona of the Rehoboth community to have a very personable, loving and laid back atmosphere."


Rehoboth Beach

2) Dogs

"On this visit, spring was just rolling in and it is considered “shoulder season” to the summer so dogs are still allowed to walk the beach with their owners any time of the day, as long as they are leashed. This combines two things that make my spirit happy, staring at and listening to the power of the ocean interrupted only by my desire to connect with all kinds of dogs, including big dogs, small dogs and, in fact, dogs of all various breeds. Contrary to what you may think, the beach was still very clean, as owners were very good about picking up after their dogs. This is a socially and environmentally conscious community and it’s obvious that they take pride in where they live. Here all attempt to keep it clean, liter free, and beautiful for all to enjoy."


"We stood on Rehoboth Beach watching the Ocean thrash in its rhythmic way. Engulfed in the peace and solitude of this place, we began to start a conversation about the spirit of our Akita who had passed away a year ago at this time, when all of a sudden I spot, as if in a dream, this enormous Akita galloping along the beach in the distance. I almost thought that it wasn’t real because we don’t see Akita’s in public very often, especially not on a beach and especially not off leash and in addition looking exactly like our Akita Rza in his younger years! I cannot explain our disbelief and joy as this moment was coming into our reality. This this was a happy, emotional moment for the three of us. As the dog approached we smothered him in love. The owners were happy to talk with us awhile about their girl and allow us to engage with her, what a blessing! If you like to vacation with your dog this may be a place for you.

During off season months, dogs are allowed on the beach anytime as long as they are on leash. In season in Lewes the dogs are not allowed on the beach from 8 am - 6:30 pm and on Rehoboth Beach from 9:30 am-5:30 pm for months of May 1st - September 30th. Many hotels in Rehoboth Beach are dog friendly. During the year, Rehoboth hosts many exclusive events around various dog breeds that you may want to base an upcoming vacation on."

Nakia and Akita


3) Nature

"We learned about the State bird, which is the Osprey and we saw many of them in Delaware navigating the sky. On our site-seeing tour that Auntie Suzie gave us, we even spotted 3 foxes during our drive through some of Delaware’s alluring neighborhoods. I noticed that the homes were all unique from one another like the old neighborhoods. The architectural designs of the homes in this area are generously lavished with trees, flowers and beautiful vegetation making it very pleasing aesthetically.

The appreciation of nature is evident here. There are loads of trails to walk and bike, lots of trees and hiking available. An interesting geological fact would be that Dewey Beach has the rougher waves for surfing and tends to be popular with the younger crowd in the summers. Also, because Rehoboth Beach is at the southern tip of Delaware, Ocean City Maryland is only 30 minutes away!"

4) The Food

"There are a plentiful number of gourmet restaurants around Rehoboth Beach, where you can find international and innovative foods. Of course you can also get simple old fashioned American food here like burgers, steak and pizza if you’d like. Although throughout the year, Rehoboth Beach holds food contests and various food festivals and events like Rehoboth Restaurant Week so be on the lookout for those. We were really impressed with this smoothie shop that we tried out. The name of the coffee & juice bar is “Dreamer Juice” (32 Rehoboth Avenue) just off of the boardwalk. Dreamer has healthy foods!!! The menu is packed full of great options that taste so good and are going to refuel your body giving you great sustainable energy! We really enjoyed the smoothies and the positive energy the owner had to share talking about doing what you love, steadfastly following your heart and dreams to make them into your reality. This is a conversation we are always willing to have!"

Rehoboth Restaurant Week


5) Delaware shopping discounts

"As we began our browsing, we were both excited to find out that the Delaware state sales tax rate is currently 0%. You can find really nifty antique shops, boutiques and great fashion in Delaware babes!

My husband collects Native American jewelry; Auntie Suzie took us to the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware, where they had every precious stone you could think of and Apache found a Native American ring that he fell in love with, for which the owner was willing to give a great discount so I was able to get this for him as a gift!"

 Jewelry Exchange of Delaware

"We went into another boutique in Lewes, where I found gorgeous clothing that reminded me of art pieces. In the back of this boutique were Pikolinos boots and shoes! For a girl like me who has feet issues and has to wear quality footwear or else suffer the consequences of pain this brand is a life saver combining great leather, authentic style, and comfort for long walks! The Pikolinos footwear is not cheap but worth every penny if you are in my position. Fortunately, the boutique was having a great sale of half off! Spring seems to be a good time to shop for discounts. There are spring and fall sidewalk sales in Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach which is just south of Rehoboth Beach and also Lewes which is a popular time to stay here and drive time between each city is no more than 20 minutes."


"We enjoyed looking through antique shops at old pieces and discussing them with one another and the store employee. The antiques are treasures from another life time with stories and history behind them and there is a touch of mystery about who owned the piece and where it has been. Antique jewelry, is always fascinating to me. We love to admire the quality and detail of antique furniture that seems to be almost nonexistent in today’s popular furniture stores. Here is a photo of Apache in The Old Screen Door vintage shop in Lewes!"

Antiques Delaware

Delaware travels

6) History and Spirituality

"A fun fact about Delaware would be that it was the first state and Lewes the first city in the state to be settled in the United States in the 1600’s.
We seem to always have some type of spiritual experience when we are visiting with our aunt Suzie. This time we were taken to see The Labyrinth at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church. This was yet another meeting with this symbol of the vortex that we have come in contact with frequently in the past couple of months. This Labyrinth, in the shape of the vortex was laid in stone on the church grounds. It was a piece of land dedicated to this space with a bench circling a tree that must have been over 100 years old, where one could sit quietly reflecting on life and in meditation with the message conveyed.

The Labyrinth here represents a metaphor for our spiritual journey. Apache slowly walked the Labyrinth from outer ring to the center stopping on each stone to reflect and speak a small prayer to God. “The winding path becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives, touching our sorrows and releasing our joys. As we physically wind to the center of the pattern, we are symbolically moving to our own centers and the Divine source of our intuition and strength” as noted in the church informational pamphlet about this Labyrinth. Suzie informed us that people come from around the world to walk this Labyrinth."

Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church

"In my experience at Rehoboth Beach, I was progressively able to detach from mental stressors. With my Internet and cell phone turned off majority of the time, I was able to get fully present, zoning out of the world of technology and into harmony with nature, enjoying quality time and life’s simple, yet awesome pleasures, with my husband, Auntie Suzie and Bob, while feeling my inner peace resurfacing.

Rehoboth Beach and Lewes make great get away spots to eat well, slow your pace, clear your mind, casually shop adorable boutiques, and enjoy nature."


Nikia Knapp

Written by Nikia Knapp.
Edited by Craig Greshaw.

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