72 hours in Bangkok: A Short Guide to Thailand and its Metropolis

By Madeline Smith



“Escapism is something I thought wouldn’t be possible to find in the midst of Thailand’s hectic capital, yet leaving the city, I was revitalised and inspired. This urban jungle is bristling with its millions of inhabitants, a constant flurry of tuk tuks, floating markets, intricate temples and wild nightlife; a city that offers the chance to explore historic traditions by day, as well as a vibrant nocturnal hub.”


Choose your hotel wisely:

“While accommodation in Thailand can be found for as little as the price of a cup of coffee, hostels can get a little too hectic. With Bangkok’s bustling insomniac city and the constant humdrum of traffic pootling around the capital, having a comfortable, safe, and private space to escape the hordes and relax in can make all the difference to your visit. The towering skyscrapers in central Bangkok provide a spacious and peaceful refuge from the glorious chaos. If you can afford to do so, it is worth spending a little bit more on your hotel.

The difference in price for a 4-star or 5-star hotel is not a great deal more than that of the cheaper options, and if you’re travelling as a group, it can work out to roughly £30 GBP per night for a luxury apartment. Particularly if you shop around independently, the value for money is amazing and often includes breakfast and amenities within the price. Giving yourself respite from the glorious but intense city will keep you refreshed and energised for exploring all that unique Bangkok, Thailand has to offer.”


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Soak up the culture:

“From its shimmering temples to dazzling lights, Bangkok, Thailand glitters gold. The capital’s vibrancy is bracing and addictive. Visiting some of the city’s glittering temples is a must, and they are not in short supply. In particular, Wat Pho and the reclining Buddha in the Phra Nakhon District are gorgeous, inspiring, and definitely worth the journey. Ensure to cover up knees and shoulders when entering any temples without encountering issues, as you will be turned away if you aren’t dressed appropriately.

If it’s retail therapy you’re looking for on your visit, you can immerse yourself in the local floating markets which sell piles of tropical fruit and fresh fruit and vegetables. Or, take a trip to one of the many indoor shopping centres and markets - such as the MBK shopping centre with eight floors and around 2,000 shops, selling everything from electricals, to clothing, bags, leather bags and cameras.”


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Tips for life on the go in Thailand:

“The options for travel around Bangkok, Thailand are plentiful and quite varied. Apps such as Grab are available and offer very cheap journeys by taxi and are simple and convenient to use. However, if you are planning any trips for specific times take into consideration the congestion which occurs throughout the city and can vastly delay your journey! The BTS (sky train) is available and close to many amenities and shopping centres.

Explore Thailand’s rich culture, tastes, sounds and sights by tuk tuk or an auto-rickshaw for a more traditional way to travel and take in the sights. Be aware that prices for tuk tuks in Bangkok are not cheap and often the prices offered to tourists will be much higher than that the locals are charged. If possible, always agree on a price before you travel by tuk tuk or rickshaw.”



Stick to the local cuisine in Thailand:

“If you’re looking for places to dine in Bangkok, the rumours are certainly true. The best places to eat will be advertised by the number of locals tucked around the various street stalls strewn across the city. The busier the restaurant, you can be sure that the better the food will be.

The tastiest meals I encountered where those which I ordered from the street stalls, and actually the worst food was purchased from established restaurants. Street food meals were excellent value for money and you can comfortably dine for just a few US dollars with dishes costing around $1 USD, and were always filled with amazing flavours, gave me an insight into local culture and made for an incredible experience.”


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Become a part of the sweeping skyline:

“With 360 degree views of Thailand’s pulsing capital, lounging in one of Bangkok’s sky bars, is an unforgettable experience. For an unforgettable evening, the rooftop bar at Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel offers delicious cocktails and an amazing space to unwind. I highly recommend to visit this sky bar, you can gaze at Bangkok and indulge in the breath-taking 360 degree views of the city.”


Written by Madeline Smith:

Madeline Smith

Instagram: @maddyssmith

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