8 Tips to Learn New Languages

By Murielle



"Imagine you are in a city where you don't speak the language. How would you ask for a drink or a place?
Here are 8 tips that will help you to solve this problem so you start speaking new languages faster, preferably before you travel and discover other countries."

Study Abroad to Learn Languages

"If you have the opportunity to study a language in another country do it. It’s a great experience; you will discover a new culture, new people and maybe also a new language. Being involved during months or a year is the best option for learning new languages, discover a new country and having a great experience."

Change your Phone language

"Nowadays, most people have a phone. Change the language to the one you want to learn. This make it easier since you are almost all day on your phone and so you are going to see different words repeatedly."

Google Translate

"Google translation is not a good tool for doing your homework, every teacher will confirm. But if you are in a country where you don’t speak their language, then you can use it. Download the app, and set your home language and the language of the country. This will be easier to understand the citizens and ask for a drink in a coffee bar or the road for going anywhere."


"You can learn when and how long you want. With this app you not only learn how to write, but also how to speak and to understand. This app is free but you need to have WIFI or gigabytes."

Reading Breakfast Labels

"If for any reason your phone has no battery during your breakfast, no problem! Read all the ingredients (and the rest) of the cornflakes package or other products. Of course, this is only for outside your country, if the package is in another language."

Say not: ‘Not Today’

"If you really want to learn a new language try to do it today! and don’t wait for tomorrow, before you know it you will be older and it will be too late for learning."

Baby Books

"Watch programs for kids or babies and go to the library for little books. This method is a basic to learn essential words through repetition."

Keep Practicing

"If you don’t practice you will forget. We can say this for anything but specially for languages it helps you learn really quickly. So keep on practicing with people around you (the best ones are native speakers) and if you don’t have anyone, a good app is called Hello Talk. With this app you can talk and chat with native speakers and who knows that you will get real friends."


"You can say kindness in every different language, but with giving a smile,
everyone will understand you." 🙂


Written by Murielle of World Travel Stories.

I am Murielle, I am 18 years old. I was born in Belgium.
Sitting on a chair and doing paper work is nothing for me, give me a phone and place to discover and I will be happy. I love to travel, make a lot of pictures and put them on my Instagram page: World Travel Stories for the happiness for others.
I am now for 1 years in the Dominican Republic for studying.
I like also to write about my experiences so others can enjoy with me."

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