California - Volcanic Epicenter; check it out before it blows!

By Ilya

California Lake-Siskiyou-hike-Mt-Shasta


Very few people know that California is a Volcanic Epicenter!

Diversity of California

“It seems that everyone only imagines beautiful Malibu or Laguna beaches when they think of California. A few people realize that California has several mountain ranges traversing the state from north to south with Sierra mountains stealing all the attention. Many have heard the stories that you can surf and snowboard in Los Angeles within the same day; however, very few people know about the active volcanoes in the Golden state."




"Locals in San Francisco are fearful of the frequent earthquakes and the San Andreas fault exposing the depth of underground. However what Californian's are actually afraid of is the Volcanic eruption. A recent one happened only a hundred years ago at Lassen National Park and we are long overdue for the next one!”



Mount Shasta

“Mt. Shasta's snow covered slopes hide another active volcano located almost immediately adjacent to Lassen volcano. All within stone's throw from city of Redding - the unofficial capital of Northern California. We had a rare yet exhilarating opportunity to hike both of the volcanoes last year and it was memorable since we've never done anything like that before."




"We got to witness the sulfur works - a melting bubbling mud bath that looks like Caffè macchiato from Starbucks. We got to sled Lassen peak and walked all the way to the horse camp through avalanche gulch at Mt. Shasta. I mean the trip up to see the volcanoes was pretty eventful.”




"Furthermore, we explored some cool caves formed by the pahoehoe lava permeating through layers of solidified volcanic rock thousands of years ago. The most memorable one of course was the Subway tunnel with Lucifer's cul de sac in Lassen volcanic park. No one ever thinks of spelunking when they go to California, but hey we've got plenty of caves to check out up north."


California Lassen-National-Park

Lake Shasta Caverns

"Another cool spot we got to check out while travelling with our little explorer (our 1-1/2 year old son) was the Lake Shasta Caverns. We took a short boat ride and then descended into a stalagmite and stalactite pillared throne rooms and rooms that looked like giant organs. The few pictures we snapped probably doesn't depict the grandeur of these fascinating places."




Hope you enjoyed our mini report and check out more cool unusual spots to see in California on our website:


Lassen-National-Park California

Written by Ilya.

Ilya, along with his wife Alisa & son Misha, love to see new places, try new food and simply be awed by the unexpected. They set out to find new location in southern and northern California that are child friendly, so the three of them can enjoy. You will find a checklist guide to California with places to see in their Little California Book.

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