3 Ways to Enjoy the Coast of Croatia

By Noah Shaberman

go to coast of Croatia


“It's no secret that the Mediterranean Sea boasts some of the world's most spectacular coastline—traveler's from across the globe have been making the pilgrimage to Italy's Amalfi Coast and the Greek islands for generations. Croatia, however, has flown relatively under the radar. Blessed with the same balmy summers and turquoise waters as its Mediterranean neighbors, the coast of Croatia is an ideal getaway for any traveler looking to experience a lesser known stretch of Europe's remarkable coast.”


1. Sightsee in Dubrovnik in the Coast of Croatia

“While you may not have heard of Dubrovnik, you've more than likely seen it. The coastal city is a regularly featured location in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, with its impressive medieval fortifications and orange-roofed buildings serving as the fictional capital of King's Landing. Fans of the show can take part in guided tours of the city that let you relive classic moments from the groundbreaking series. Alternatively, wander the city and take in its rich history and architecture at your own pace.”


sea of Croatia

The imposing walls of Dubrovnik's Old Town.

“For those with bathing in mind, options abound. From rocky pools to pebble-stone beaches, virtually everywhere is swimmable and often within walking distance of the city's central Old Town area. Thrill-seekers can jump from certain points along the City's old walls into the sea below, although it's not encouraged—some jumps are close to 20-metres high!”


travel to Croatia

Bellevue Beach, Dubrovnik—just a 20-minute walk from the Old Town.


2. Island Hop by Ferry

“With over 2000 islands and a comprehensive ferry system, the coast of Croatia is begging to be explored. A great starting point is the coastal city of Split. As the second most populous city in the country, ferries from Split travel direct to a number of nearby islands, with Brač, Vis and Hvar being chief among them. During the peak travel months of Summer, ferries make multiple trips daily and become slightly more expensive. Depending on the island, fares from Split generally range between $5-10 USD.”


travel to coast of Croatia

Vis at sunset.

“If planning isn't your forte, consider booking with one of several tour operators who run sailing trips in the region. Most of the yachts sail as part of a flotilla, mooring at a new island each night in trips that typically last 7 days. The majority of these trips are party-oriented, making them incredibly popular among students on break from university. Some operators also offer adventure themed trips for those looking for a more laid-back approach to experiencing Croatia's incredible island chain. Costs hover in the region of $800 USD per person.”


coast of Croatia

Sunny skies and warm waters—Croatian summers are smooth sailing.


3. Sample the Cuisine in the Coast in Croatia

“The expansive coast of Croatia is home to a diverse array of marine life, and it's no surprise that seafood is both a popular and common item on coastal menus. Though varied by region, Croatian seafood often bears the culinary influences of its Mediterranean neighbors: Greece and Italy. Popular dishes include brodet, a stew consisting of several types of fish, typically served with polenta; crni rižot, which is essentially a squid risotto; and salata od hobotnice, an octopus salad.”


why travel to Croatia

Explore picturesque lanes to find the perfect seaside restaurant.

“Strapped for cash? For a cheap and tasty meal on the go, you can't look past gyros. These delicious meat-filled wraps are Greek in origin and can be found virtually everywhere in little street-side stalls and shops for as little as $2 USD.”


reasons to travel to Croatia

Worked up an appetite? Grab a gyros to go and keep exploring!


“From bustling seaside cities to secluded island villages, the coast of Croatia offers up some truly unforgettable sights and experiences. If you’re after the perfect mix of sun, sea, history and affordability, look no further—Croatia’s coast is the place to be!”

Written by Noah Shaberman:

Noah is a Sydney-sider and soon to be University Graduate, with an addiction to the Asian continent. From Denpasar to Delhi, Noah is forever hunting for the cheapest, tastiest street food that Asia has to offer.


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