Horseback Riding Tour in Iceland at Laxnes Horse Farm

By The Wanderlust Couple

Horseback Riding Tour


“During our recent trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, we had the opportunity to do something different and fun. There are many different tours in which you can participate while exploring the beautiful country of Iceland and its many natural wonders. One of the unique experiences we chose was to do an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour at Laxnes Horse Farm. The interesting thing about Icelandic horses are they are shorter than a typical American or Arabian horse but are hardy and very friendly. The breed has been kept pure by the people of Iceland for hundreds of years and these horses thrive in the sometimes-harsh environmental conditions. Icelandic horses are known for their varying gaits, and that characteristic allows them to be extra sure footed and able to cross rough terrain.”

Choosing a Horseback Riding Tour

“We booked the horseback riding tour before our trip, due to the popularity and the positive reviews of others we read online. There were several other horseback riding tours being offered, but we were very impressed with the reviews that Laxnes Horse Farm received. The morning of our tour, we were picked up by a shuttle at our hotel in downtown Reykjavik. Once on our shuttle, we were greeted by our driver and promptly took off for about a 15-minute ride to the farm, which housed a good number of horses.”

Arrival at Laxnes Horse Farm

“We were greeted by the staff at Laxnes Horse Farm and their resident dog who was quite friendly and enjoyed being pet. Once inside, we were sized for a riding helmet for safety, as well as gloves and riding apparel if desired. The nice part was that the farm had all sorts of clothing options in case someone was not prepared for the ever-changing Icelandic weather, which can change from wind to rain to snow and back again! Once we were checked-in and assigned to our gear, we were briefed by a friendly staff member who was very eager to answer any questions that we might have had about the horseback riding tour.”


Icelandic Horseback Riding

Choosing the Right Horse

“We were asked if we had any previous riding experience and our comfort level with riding as they assigned specific horses based on your answer. I chose an intermediate horse, since I had been horseback riding before while Jennifer chose a beginner horse, since she was not quite as comfortable. By that time, you are then introduced to your horse and helped onto the saddle by a staff member. Once your saddle and stirrups are adjusted, you are led around a fenced in pen on your horse and taught a few basic commands on how to steer and navigate your horse. When everyone in the group is set, you are led by an instructor on horseback as part of a pack on a slow riding tour of the Icelandic countryside nearby.”

Horseback Riding Tour

“The horseback riding tour lasted a little over an hour and near the end of the trip, you stop to see the beautiful mountains and a gorgeous waterfall on the property. Before heading back to the farm, we were split into two groups based on our preference. The first group would be returning at a more “spirited” pace for those more comfortable and the second group would be returning via a slower walking pace. Of course, I chose the more “spirited” pace and Jennifer opted for the walking pace, so we said a quick goodbye and started off separately on our way back. For my ride back, we did get up to a gallop several times which was fun, but a bit bumpy. For Jennifer, her horse decided to be a bit “spirited” on its return and so several times he tried to be the leader of the slower pack and Jennifer had to remind him they were in the “slower” group.”

Wrapping Up and a Light Lunch

“A short time later, we met up at the farm and returned our horses to the pens, said goodbye to them, and returned our riding gear. Inside, they had a small seating area and several different food options to include fresh breads, spreads, and several different home-made soups. We sat down and had a bite to eat and met several other travelers who we spoke with and talked about our horseback riding tour experience with. This adventure was unique and enjoyable, and even if you are on the fence about riding a horse, we would highly recommend it; the Icelandic horses are unique in both personality and appearance. Shortly thereafter, we were picked up by a shuttle and went on to join a tour of the Golden Circle which did not disappoint, and we were able to experience many more of the natural wonders and sites that Iceland has to offer.”


Written by The Wanderlust Couple.

The Wanderlust Couple
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