How to Entertain Yourself when Learning Spanish

By Pablo Aprende Español

Learning a New Language can be an Arduous and Difficult Task


"Often times, a bad experience in school, where learning is mandatory and not just a personal desire, will generate an unconscious resistance to learning later, which ends up making the whole process quite frustrating and unpleasant. Besides, it is also very hard to stay motivated on a daily basis when our life is already busy, with things we consider more important, more urgent."

Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish through an App


"Today, there are many digital tools easily accessible that seem entertaining and even friendly. We download an app and we're all set! We learn vocabulary, some grammar rules, we feel motivated... but in the end, it's not enough. The desired level is not reached and the frustration begins. We end up giving up after a few weeks or months and justify ourselves with the lack of time when this is really just a lack of interest.

What usually happens is that these applications and digital tools promise to replace the institute or teachers, but do not focus on awakening the student's curiosity.

It could come from the fact that they are usually designed by experts in pedagogy who try to teach intelligently through audiovisual content, when what is needed in many cases is entertaining intelligently through pedagogical content, in order to keep the pleasure of learning and curiosity about the language."


Animated Videos, Another Great Way to Learn Spanish


Pablo aprende español


"Through short animation videos, Pablo Aprende Español introduces students to colloquial sayings used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries in a fun and dynamic way.

The originality in this project is that it does not seek to teach but only to spark the interest and curiosity of the learner, reminding him about the beauty of the language and why it is worth learning it. The students discover phrases that take a whole new meaning from their literal translations, getting them interested in a new aspect of the culture, linked to the use of the Castilian language."


Learning Spanish Pablo Aprende Español


"Generating new, easy access and didactic content, the main objective of Pablo Aprende Español is to awaken curiosity about Spanish in all those who want to have greater knowledge about Spanish speaking cultures. That is why it is offered freely and mainly aimed at the educational community as support material to be used in class by teachers or after class by students."


Learning Spanish

Be Consistent when Learning a Language

"Whatever the chosen path to learning a new language, the important thing to keep in mind is to be constant in the learning process, remind yourself why you decided to learn a new language and see the benefits you will enjoy after your mastered it.

We hope we will help you to enjoy studying!"


Learning Spanish with pablo aprende español


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About the creator, Remi Cans:

Remi is a young art director and the creator of Pablo Aprende Español. During a trip to Latin America, he fell in love with the Spanish language, and he decided to share that passion when he came back. He got in touch with friends and colleagues to help him developing the project, and that is how Pablo Aprende Español was born. Today, he is glad to be able to offer funny videos on several social networks, hoping that they will give you the will to learn more!

What’s More, Remi is the Art director at, and as an activist animation studio, is committed to exclusively work on projects which have a positive impact on our society. His work includes directing animated videos for the one and only TED-Ed video lessons.

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