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What is ITSI all about?

If you are looking to study and travel abroad, or what we call to pursue your academic wanderlust, you’ve found the right place, as we’re thrilled to help reach your life-changing goal of studying abroad, so you can learn in the most ideal settings and expand your knowledge of the world.

International Travel and Study Institute offers various academic experiences around the world, such as accredited language programs, immersion trips worldwide, volunteer options and guided tours.  An important part of our mission is to empower individuals through perspective-changing travel and education. In fact, we truly believe that travelling is one of the keys to attaining a more accurate perspective of the world, and what a better way to do so than to experience another country first-hand through education!

After years of experience in the Study Abroad industry, we have gotten to know the "pros and cons" of studying abroad, so we decided it was time to create ITSI as a platform of extensive guidance, sharing true expectations on studying in different countries, offering help on living abroad, and most importantly, providing honest and real advice when it comes to studying in a foreign country.

International Travel and Study Institute / ITSI, is here to help you have an authentic and much more fulfilling experience while studying around the world, where you will meet students of all walks of life eager to exchange world views and core values. Moreover, we feature a selection of language courses with experienced professors, fun gap year programs and accurate travel advice. Additionally, thanks to our wonderful students, we are able to give back by donating 10% of our income to charity.

You may be asking yourself: Why would I take accredited programs with International Travel and Study Institute?


International Travel and Study Institute / ITSI not only aims to unite humanity through language courses, so that communication and cultural understanding between different individuals coming from distinct places is easily achieved.

Additionally, we aim to make the world easier to explore and understand through guided programs, an awesome and qualified staff, plus assistance before and during your programs.

Primarily, we believe that travelling and as a result getting to know other cultures, costumes and languages, you will have a broad perspective of the world and its current events.
We provide real advice and we have authentic interest in your education.

Furthermore, we are happy to share our students' reviews on GoAbroad, an independent website in which students are welcome to leave their reviews. We have a 9/10 Rating.

Join our accredited programs for the best learning experience!

Whether you are ready to join any if our accredited programs at our world-renowned schools or need expert advice about our study and travel abroad options, contact us here, via email at, live chat, via phone call or even
WhatsApp at +1 830 968 1595 (USA) or +52 1 3315 187262 to have a free one on one consultation regarding your future career.


Allow yourself this amazing experience, you totally deserve it!

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- ITSI Staff
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