New York: Our Quick Start Guide

By Alessia & Daniele – Dale On Travel

New York Our Quick Start Guide


"For some, it's just a dream, while for us it has already become reality: New York, the city that never sleeps. We are Dale on Travel, a travel couple from Italy. We love to travel together around the world planning our itineraries on our own, so that we can personalize the trip according to our interests and save the budget at the same time. The USA is one of our favourite places ever, we will never get tired of coming back there! We spent 5 intense days here in New York, and it wasn't easy to plan the visit! We had really little time and so much things we wanted to see. Believe us, 5 days are very few for a city like this!"


Here are some tips to visit NY, optimizing time and budget:


Where to Sleep

"Obviously, accommodations in New York aren't cheap! But it's not impossible to find a good hotel in a nice area without cutting the budget. It's better to start the search at least 2 months before departure, so that you will have more chance to get a lower price for a good stay.

We highly recommend to sleep in Lower Manhattan, also known as Downtown Manhattan. Here the prices are cheaper than Midtown, and the area is well served by the subway. That means that you will find more than one subway stop next to your hotel, and you will probably have to make less connections to reach the most famous spots in Manhattan, compared to places outside the main Island, such as Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. You will save a lot of time, that way you can use to visit more places! In Upper Manhattan you can find low budget hotels too, but some areas are considered unsafe, especially if you are a tourist wandering at night... And you will probably have to come back at night in your hotel, having spent the whole day visiting.

For these reasons, we chose the 91 Hotel in Chinatown, and it was a great accommodation for its price, near two subway stops and located in a pretty quiet area. You may find some homeless people in this neighbourhood, but they're harmless (and, unfortunately, you will see them in other areas too).

During the day, you'll see some Chinese markets along the street, and in the evening you can taste Chinese food in one of the several restaurants in this area."


China Town in New York


How to Move

"Yellow cabs are one of the most famous symbols of New York, but they're not the cheaper and the fastest for sure: NYC streets are always heavily trafficked.

Instead, it's convenient to take advantage of the dense network of New York City subway trains, buying the subscription that best meets your needs. We chose the Unlimited Ride MetroCard which allows you to use the NYC subway and the NYC Transit buses without limits for 7 days, paying $32 USD. You will need to take the subway more than twice a day, so the price is absolutely cheap! In some cases however, you can rent a bike to visit some huge areas in less time: for example, we rode a bike in Central Park, the most famous and largest park in NYC, named its Green Lung. We did the same to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. In that way, we had great views of Brooklyn and Manhattan, and it took us very little time in comparison to walking."


Manhattan Bridge


New York City Passes

"That was the most critical point for us: to choose a pass that will make you access the various attractions in NY, sometimes skipping the line. There is something for everyone! You can decide among several passes, with different duration or offering entry to a fixed number of attractions.

Before choosing you must have a pretty clear travel plan, considering how many and which places you want to (and you can) visit.

After a long search, we chose the 5 days New York Pass: it provides unlimited access to a lot of selected attractions during its validity. With this card, we will have the possibility to decide what to visit depending on the weather and the time available. You can buy this pass from its official site (they frequently make discounts there) and then you can download the app in your smartphone. When you need to use it, you just have to display your QR Code at the ticket office of the attraction. With this pass we saved a lot of money, sometimes we jumped to a shorter line, and we had the chance to see some places that, without the pass, we would have avoided to save the budget, but they all deserved a visit!"

New york travel guide

Where to Eat

"Here in New York, you are spoiled for choice: restaurants with different cuisines from all over the world will stimulate your curiosity. You can taste whatever you want!

If you find yourself in a particular district, we highly suggest you to try its typical cuisine, such as the Chinese one in Chinatown. If you come from a European country just like us, you may find really different tastes from the ones you are used to! There are also a lot of what we call “healthy fast food”, where you can compose your bowl with alternative cereals, like quinoa, fresh vegetable and local fruit. And if you want a quick snack, you just have to stop at one of the several food trucks at the corner of the streets, and order a hot dog or a pretzel."


restaurants in new york


How to Dress

"New York is also famus for its unpredictable weather! For example, we have been in this metropolis during the summer, and going down in the subway we found a suffocating heat, while inside the public transports, the hotels, the skyscrapers and the various attractions we have always frozen with their air conditioning.

Our advice is to dress with several clothes layers, and always be prepared to shelter from wind or rain or other atmospheric phenomena."


Alessia & Daniele – Dale On Travel


"OK! We think you are now ready to start planning and personalizing your travel to New York! Whether for study or for pleasure, New York is a real stimulating city, to see at least one time in our lives. Enjoy!"


Written by Alessia & Daniele – Dale On Travel

Instagram: @dale_on_travel

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