Spanish Courses Abroad

Learn Spanish abroad in any of our native Spanish-speaking locations for an authentic experience!

Travel to an exciting location for structured and accredited Spanish courses abroad, featuring a fun and relaxed learning environment. Most noteworthy, our schools around the world are placed in the best cities to learn the language, and as a result, you will get a lot of practice outside the classroom as well.

At International Travel and Study Institute, you will study with experienced and highly qualified, native Spanish-speaking teachers for an authentic acquisition of the language. Additionally, we'd like to point out that our goal is to make the most out of your learning experience abroad; we make the cultural immersion as fun as possible so you can quickly practice your new language skills with native Spanish-speakers. Your first step is to decide where to start your adventure!

Best Learning Experience

Learning a language can be very easy if studying at the right school and with the best teachers. 

In fact, if you are committed to the learning program, you will be speaking Spanish at the level you desire in no time, specially if you keep practicing outside the school. During our classes, you will discuss current events and relevant topics so there will be several opportunities to express yourself while getting to know the language, therefore encouraging class participation.

Also, not only you’ll learn Spanish; you will enjoy the various sceneries of the area, have fun meeting the locals, taste delicious food, and meet fellow students from around the world! 

To request more details or ask any questions about our different Spanish courses abroad, contact us via chat, email at or WhatsApp at +1 (830) 212 0116 (USA) or +52 1 3315 187262 (Worldwide).

Spanish Courses Abroad



Spanish courses in Puerto Vallarta



Puerto Vallarta features a mix of old Mexico charm and all the qualities and infrastructure of a first-class beach destination; perfect to study and travel abroad. It is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and it is fun to mention that it shares the same latitude as Maui, Hawaii. Moreover, its natural beauty is breathtaking; the lush green mountains are to be seen from everywhere, as the jungle is jutting to the sky from the ocean and towering over the city. In addition to hosting a great beach, the heart of Puerto Vallarta is a quaint colonial town with traditional haciendas, cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings. Simply an ideal place to study and travel abroad!

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