Tips for Having a Successful Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

By Ultimate Wild Safaris

Mountain Gorilla


“Trekking mountain gorillas is one of the favorite activities to all travelers who visit Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.Mountain gorillas are the major reason as to why very many people visit these three destinations, because nowhere else they can be found."

When to Trek Mountain Gorillas?

“Mountain gorillas can be tracked all year in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but due to some damp seasons experienced by the national parks where these gorillas stay, the majority of travelers prefer visiting from June to September, as well as from December up to February."


Mountain Gorilla tour

What Country Provides the Best Option for Seeing the Mountain Gorillas?

Hehe… This is a tricky question on a table, but the common factor here is that all mountain gorillas in these three countries are living in the forests! Actually almost in the same environment.
So comparing these three countries couldn’t sound great to many, although there is some key information any traveler would need to know before choosing a gorilla trek destination either in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo.
Besides the mountain gorillas, Uganda is home to a lot wildlife compared to the two countries; you can visit Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park or see other primates in Kibale Forest National Park.”


Mountain Gorilla safari

Procedures of Getting a Gorilla Permit

“Gorilla trekking can either be conducted in Uganda- Bwindi National Park or in Mgahinga National Park, Rwanda volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in Congo.

If your interest is all about cost, please note that, gorilla permits in Rwanda are about $1500 USD per individual, much higher compared to that of Uganda at $600 USD and $450 USD in Congo.

In case you are not thrilled by the high price, look at it in this point of view, that you are contributing to the conservation of mountain gorillas and appreciation.

We shall advise on what is needed to have a successful gorilla trekking safari tour, and help you avoid one of the most common mistake tourists make to see a gorilla family, which is far away from your choice of accommodation!

Keep in mind that majestic gorillas are in remote areas, so you need guidance from experienced agents and here is our responsibility.

On the other hand, if you would like to do the gorilla trek on your own so as to save costs, you might end up incurring more. Safari guides have also been trained to help you with this.

Several travelers intending to trek gorillas have found this process tiring and they have opted to the quicker and less tiring option of reserving their trekking permits through us.

Gorilla permits can be booked through reaching us into this email or Whatsapp at +256705087906.”


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How Much Does a Gorilla Safari Tour Cost?

“Like any other businesses, various tour operators will share with you a variety of offers but usually, a gorilla safari ranges from $1000 USD to $2000 USD, depending on the number of people and days, inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals.”


Written by Ultimate Wild Safaris:

After several trips around East Africa and Africa, Ultimate Wild Safaris decided to make their dream come true by starting as a tour and travel agency, specializing in responsible tourism in several unique African destinations, with trips to South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ultimate Wild Safaris is East African company with head office in Uganda, run by East African and European team. Their focus is on nature and culture-tourism, as a tool of protecting the environment and enhancing the living standards of local communities. Their mission is to provide reputable safari services, mainly in East Africa. Moreover, they aim to develop a reliable, efficient, trusted travel agency, which operates on the basis of integrity and offers professional services, through establishing both local and international partnerships, which include other travel agencies. To ensure safety, their guides and drivers have a minimum of 10 years of driving the African terrain, and a minimum of 5 years in guiding tours. When you choose Ultimate Wild Safaris, 20% of the proceeds goes to Charity.

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