Why Not Travel Around the World?

By André and João

travel around the world


“A Round the World Trip (RTW) is, for most travelers, a dream that seems unattainable when they start thinking about it. It is the ultimate experience to travel around the world getting to know new cultures, people and places for months or years, moving from one place to the other and growing from this experience into a better person, human, and traveler.

Different points in life present different challenges into making this a reality, such as school, work, family, bills. Our lives seem to follow a pattern and breaking from it is hard. However, as we found out, when you make something your priority, the pieces fall together and the difficult becomes possible.

Taking a career break is one of the ways you can use to make this a possibility: you can quit your job or take a sabbatical leave (and have the security to know that, when you finish your trip, your job will be there for you).

When you decide you want and can do this, there are some steps to be taken in order to make it work. Your RTW can be as closed or as open as you want but there are always some things that you’ll have to take into account before leaving.”

1. Itinerary

“The fun part and one of the more difficult ones. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? You will find out that you can’t go everywhere and see everything and you will have to start making concessions. Planning a long trip like this is not like planning a 2-week vacation. You will need time to rest and you will want to travel slower than you normally do on vacation. We advise that you chose your pillars (the things that you really don’t want to miss) and build your itinerary around it.”

2. Budget

“When you define your budget, you will probably find out that you don’t need as much as you previously thought to do a trip like this. It is important to think about the duration of the trip, the itinerary, your must-dos, accommodation and means of transportation. An RTW can be as expensive as you are willing to or as low budget as possible. However you chose and however much you can spend is up to you, but it’s always important to have an idea of the amount of money you’ll need and start saving for it. You don’t want to think about a one year trip and have to come back early because you run out of money.”

3. Tickets to travel around the world

“There are many ways to buy tickets for your trip to travel around the world. You can buy an Round the World Trip (RTW) ticket from an airline alliance (like Star Alliance), you can buy your flights individually, you can buy all in advance, or as you go and you can fly everywhere or mix it with some overland segments.”

travel around the world

4. Health

“Always make sure to book an appointment with a travel medicine specialist before your trip in order to take care of the needed and recommended immunizations and medication you will have to take with you. You should also think about what kind of travel and health insurance you might want. It is important that you feel safe and taken care of during your trip in case something you didn’t plan happens.”

5. Travel Gear

“The most important is to remember that you will carry your luggage with you for the duration of your trip so plan what you take accordingly. Will you backpack or not? How many clothes will you bring? What kind of electronics and extras will you need? Try to travel around the world with as little as possible. You can buy almost anything along the way if you need it.

If you feel you want to travel around the world and you realize that you can, go for it. Regret is one of the worst feelings one can have and you won’t want to look back in life and regret not fulfilling something out of fear.”

Written by By André and João | Two by The World.

travel around the world

We are André and João, two travelers from Portugal that will start a Round the World trip in October. This will be the biggest adventure of our lives yet and we can’t wait to start it and share our experiences while we travel around the world.

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